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Aidan Casuccio

Class of 2023 (Post-Graduate)
#15, ATH
The HUN Raiders
Coach Todd Smith
The Hun School of Princeton
Hometown: Rumson, NJ



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Age: 17
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 226 lbs.



GPA: 3.7
SAT: 1300


weight room

Bench Press: 280 lbs.

Squat Max: 420 lbs.




Princeton University
Columbia University
Rice University


Official OFFERs

Marist College

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Scouting Report:

NJ Hun PG Aidan Casuccio Joins Top Prep Team in Nation, Ready to Pick Up More Offers


Rumson, NJ: When you see the numbers that Hun School post-grad Aidan Casuccio put up last year for a very good Rumson-Fair Haven team on the field, you will realize he is a special player. But it might be all of his other numbers that catapult Casuccio into a life-changing opportunity at the next level.


Casuccio is a 6-4, 226-pound athlete that is going to be a devastating weapon in Todd Smith’s offense this fall, especially with University of Iowa commit Marco Lainez throwing (and handing him off) the ball. A summer in the weight program at Hun might see Casuccio add even more bulk and strength as well. He already benches close to 300 pounds and squats over 400.


If that is not enough to get you interested, Casuccio has a 3.7 GPA in a tough school district with a 1300 SAT score. He's already received his first D1 offer from Marist College and is generating serious interest from additional D1s Princeton, Columbia (Roar, Lions Roar), and Rice, which are three of the top 190 schools in the country.


Coaches and scouts have raved about what he might do in the Hun system in 2022:


“Casuccio is already such a good weapon, and he now gets added to all of the other ones Hun and Marco Lainez have for 2022. This kid is going to get orders of magnitude better in this system in just one year and will get so much stronger and quicker as well.


“He really could be a breakout player, and I would expect many college programs to start jumping at the chance to sign him for 2023. Casuccio is so smart, and he already has the interests from The Ivies, and he should start getting some others from great D1 academic schools.”


With his size, speed, and strength, there really is no limit to how much better Casuccio could get in 2022.

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