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If you'll be attending the

2023 Long Island  Football Showcase at
St. John the Baptist High School 


What's up Recruit - We understand you’re going to be attending the 2023 Long Island Showcase at St. John the Baptist High School! That’s Great!

I’m Coach Mike created by GoMVB Sports and Get Recruited.


I’m sure by now you know that 91% of College Coaches are using Social Media to communicate with - "EVALUATE", and even "DISCOVER" the recruits they make offers to "DIRECTLY" through Social Media.

And what about the Transfer Portal? Are you and your parents up to speed on how the Portal can impact "YOUR" recruiting process? How about the new NCAA rule changes on quiet periods?

Don't worry. If you truly want to play football in college, our coaching experts can show you exactly how to put the odds in your favor and give "YOU" a competitive edge.

We’ll be at the camp too and we’re happy to do a 15-minute assessment of your social presence including a review of your film.


So, grab mom or dad and CLICK THE CALENDAR LINK BELOW below to set up your appointment.

We know you and your parents probably have questions.

We’ll guide you in the right direction and provide you with critical information on what’s going on with recruiting today.

Appointment slots will fill up quickly, so set yours today – either in person at the camp or by phone over the days leading up to the camp. 


And Mom or Dad - if you’re receiving this message, please do the same. Trust me you will be happy you did!

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