Optimize Your Social Media

1. Twitter

a. Your Name: Social Media optimization is about relevance and key terms. If coaches are searching for you, you want to make it easy to find you. This is especially important if your name is somewhat common. Your name is also what coaches see when they get notifications from and about you.

Recommended Name Format [Grad Year] [Position] [Name] = '23 WR John Smith

You have up to 50 characters including spaces to work with

b. Your @: As this is a method of communication for coaches, you want to make sure that your @ is easy for them to search, find, and recall/remember. Often when people join up for Twitter, if their name is not available Twitter issues a name with many numbers combinations. Coaches will not and should be expected to remember those names. You can change this. You want to change it now if you have not developed your following and have not been mentioned by other notable sources for press releases, news, etc. If you do have mentions and you change your name, those connections will break. Therefore, make sure if you do decide to change your name that you take screenshots of the mentions or you save the links so you can re-add them to your Twitter feed after the @ change.  

Recommended Name Format Examples for Common Names:

23_JohnSmith, JohnSmith_23, JohnSmith23, John_Smith23

You have to play with the combinations that are right for you.

For the numerals, we recommend no more than 2. They should be your grad year or your jersey number.

You have up to 15 characters to work with.

c. Your Bio:  This is where your key info will go, and it should be written in an order that college coaches can read and register quickly.  You have 160 characters including spaces so it's important that the content be precise to maximize space. 

Recommended Bio Format:

'23 WR | 6'0 230 | GPA: 3.8 | B-250 S-450 | 40: 4.7 | 1st Team All Conf | @coachaccount | GoMVB URL

Important Notes: Each player is different and stats may vary. Use your best judgement to set this up. We will review it with you and make further recommendations. The important note here is do not use words like "Height: 6'0 Weight: 230 My max squat is 450" This type of setup uses way too many characters and the coaches will want to get right to the information.  

Other Fields you should complete: 

  • Location: City and State

  • Website: This should be your film link to either HUDL or YouTube

d. Your Direct Messages (DMs): In Twitter, you have the option of keeping your direct messages private or allowing anyone to direct message you. During this tim e

e. Your content

2. Instagram

a. Your Name

b. Your @

c. Your Bio

d. Your DMs

e. Your Content

3. YouTube

a. Your Name

b. Your Bio

c. Your Channel

d. Your Playlists

e. Your Content

Build Your Following

1. Teammates

2. Your Coach/School Twitter

3. College Coaches

Create Content 

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