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Class of 2027 San Antonio TX QB Jace Huesser Already Getting Interest a Year Away from High School


July 9, 2022

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Class of 2027 San Antonio TX QB Jace Huesser Already Getting Interest a Year Away from High School

San Antonio, TX: If you play quarterback in Texas, you already know there will be some buzz around you.

If you're an athlete not yet ready to step into a high school classroom until 2023, and there is ALREADY some hype about you, then you know you got to be good - like Jace Huesser.

Huesser is headed into eighth grade this fall at Garcia Middle School and is ready to post some big numbers for the football team there in San Antonio. The 13-year-old Class of 2027 recruit is obviously still growing (he is 5'7", 120-pounds right now) but has been working hard in the weight room and at speed/agility drills to ensure that he will be building in the right direction when he does start to grow.

There is no doubt about his ability: he has been invited to these camps and showcase events already:

  • Dartmouth College

  • Carnegie Mellon University

  • UTSA

  • QB Universe Camp 2022

  • Football 4 Hotbed National Middle School Showcase

  • Camp Impact at AT&T

  • Throw to Win Competition

  • Demarco King QB Rifleman Challenge

  • Coach Schuman's Texas Elite Prospect Camp

  • US National Football Team Training Camp

  • Jenkins Elite Youth Invitational Camp

  • QB Universe 2023

  • QB Ranch Elite Passing Academy

  • Tarleton Elite Prospect Camp

  • Worcester Polytechnic prospect camp

  • Webber International prospect camp

With the same dedication he has on the field, off the field Huesser has a 4.0 GPA in the classroom.

Here is a scouting report on Huesser:

"He already has good footwork and also has shown good arm strength for his age. He is very accurate on throws with some time to make decisions and will improve his arm strength as he gets stronger with age and from his work in the weight room. You can see that he is already a leader on the field: the players all play for him.

"Obviously, he is just 13 and has a while to keep improving his game. He has a very solid base now and is only going to get better when he is able to keep working on all the elements of the game. I am going to be really interested to see just how much he can progress in the next year or two."

To check out Huesser's film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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