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Rising Senior Elias Kennon Ranked #1 in Northeast for 2023 Commits to University of Louisville


August 26, 2022

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Rising Senior Elias Kennon Ranked #1 in Northeast for 2023 Commits to University of Louisville

Old Greenwich, CT: To be the top ranked player in any sport is something that not very many student-athletes get a chance to boast. Green Farms Academy rising senior Elias Kennon has achieved that ranking becoming the #1 ranked player for the class of 2023 on Junior Golf Scoreboard.

In his last three years playing, his average has dropped from a 76.2 in 2019 to a 72.4 in 2021, and that number is sure to go down after a stellar 2022 campaign.

Have you ever shot a 62 on a golf course? Of course, you haven’t because that is a RIDICULOUS score. Kennon has - though…- in the 2021 AJGA Junior Golf Hub Championship no less. That 62 was indeed a course record for Elias, at Chicopee Country club in Massachusetts. He finished the tournament 9-under par and took home his first AJGA title. He was the MVP of the high school team and is ready to go into his senior season and break all kinds of records.

Off the course, Kennon is a star as well. He has a 3.7 GPA at a very challenging high school, and that number is expected to come up closer to a 4.0 by the time he graduates. Kennon is also a workout warrior in the weightroom and uses his compact frame to generate 117 mph. swing speed and 174 mph. ball speed off the driver.

Here is a scouting report on the player:

“When you talk about young golfers, it is usually composure and lack of hitting the fairways/greens with any consistency that makes them struggle at times. Kennon, though, is like a machine: fairway, green, one-putt, fairway, green, two-putt. He is just so good.

“And he absolutely crushes his drives with so much accuracy. He is getting better, too, which is scary. When you can post a 62 in a tournament, and also put up 67s, 68s, 69s, against good golfers, that is key. The low score is one thing: it shows what he can do on any given day. But when you can consistently see 69s, 70s, 71s, 72s, when the conditions are tough and you might not be at your best, that is what I want to see. Kennon does that very well.”

To check out Kennon’s film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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