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The website you are currently viewing,, was initially designed for our "Proof of Concept " phase. We are actively using this site to service current clients while three other Phase 2 websites are being developed: a) an updated for high school athletes, b) a College NIL platform, and c) a sports memorabilia NFT marketplace. 

Here's what you need to know about each site and how they work:

This is the splash page that leads any viewer to all three independent platforms. This URL would be used in instances where the company is marketing the collections of sites.  This site is currently in DEVELOPMENT. Each platform would have its own URL so that it can be marketed independently to targeted audiences as well (see chart above).

The current site has served its purpose well. Even with limited functionality we were able to prove the concept and we're excited to move onto a more advanced website to service our clients and college coaches nationwide. The Phase 2 version of is currently in DEVELOPMENT. will be available third quarter, 2022. This platform will cater to college athletes looking to build their brand as well as connect with top name brands nationwide. All high school athletes that join GoMVB are automatically ported over to the NIL platform so they can start to prepare for financial independence from the moment they start college

Both High School and College athletes can lazy mint, mint, and trade their own sports memorabilia from Day 1. These NFTs may some day put the athlete in a cash positive situation while they go through college and thereafter.


For more information regarding our platforms that are currently in development, please contact Tracy Meyer @ 917-494-1172 or