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'26 QB Bennett Portaro is Rocketing Up The Recruiting Charts Ahead of His Freshman Season


August 29, 2022

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Class of 2026 Quarterback Bennett Portaro is Rocketing Up The Recruiting Charts Ahead of What Will Be a Very Interesting Freshman Season.

Cornelius, NC: Now, Portaro was Elected by FBU to compete as a Class of 2026 QB at the FBU Top Gun National Showcase for a chance to play in the Freshman All American Bowl. The showcase event, which will be held from July 8-10 in Naples, Florida, is the biggest event in the country for middle school and high school players.

And Portaro is going to be there.

Portaro has already been invited to other big-time camps–like LSU, VTO Sports ALL AMERICAN CHALLENGE, and the QB Camp Impact at Dallas Cowboys Stadium–as well as ones at Clemson, ODU, and UNC.

Off the field, Portaro might be a bigger star, with a 3.8 GPA, and he is an alumnus of the Duke Talent Identification Process.

Here is what the player had to say about his journey so far, in his own words:

The fear of someone else working harder than me at QB motivates me every day

My Focus Speed is ranked #1 in the United States for 2026 QB’s by the Ryzer TAP assessment. I was named All Conference Quarterback and was awarded the Offensive Player of the Year. I am also Team Captain.

I have been trained 1-on-1 with former Clemson quarterback, JD Haglan, since 5th grade. I have also been coached by a Jason Smith who helped train Will Grier and Sam Hartman. I have worked with large complicated offensive playbooks and ran an NFL pro-style offense with a large playbook in 5th grade.

I work 365 days a year to hopefully become one of the best QB’s in the US. I have that same dedication to my Academics with a 3.8 GPA and was previously invited to Duke TIP.

I am a Pro-Style QB who is currently finishing 8th grade. I am 5 foot 10. My chiropractor thinks that I will end up being 6 foot 3, based upon the room left in my growth plates. I also have long arms, large hands and feet.

My Ryzer TAP assessment shows that my personality type is a “Rocket” with very high rankings in focus-speed, mental toughness, mental execution, composure, attention to detail, decisiveness, grit and coachability.

My father was raised by a Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant and raises me the same way. I am never late and I am always at the front of the room with full eye contact toward the person speaking.

My message to all college coaches:

“Put your faith in me. I will NOT let you, your team or your school down.”

To check out Portaro’s film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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