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Class of ’23 FOGO Tommy Morris Excels in Junior Year with Point Pleasant Boro


August 3 2022

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Class of ’23 FO/GO Tommy Morris Excels in Junior Year with Point Pleasant Boro

Point Pleasant, NJ: If you play lacrosse in New Jersey, and you can win over 60 percent of your face-offs, you are going to get interest from numerous coaches at the next level.

That is how the game is right now.

For Point Pleasant Boro face-off taker Tommy Morris, that is good news. The junior won 212 of 346 faceoffs (over 61%) he took for the Panthers, which helped the Shore Conference B South team to a 12-6 record, despite playing against bigger schools most games.

Morris was key to some of the big wins during the season, as Point Boro went on scoring runs after he got the ball back for the Panthers: he won over 90 percent of his faceoffs in three games, and over 79 percent six times. Every one of those games was at least a six-goal victory.

But his excellence does not stop on the field: Morris excels in the classroom as well, which means he has some very good academic schools interested as well. He had a 3.9 GPA before the second semester junior year grades settled, and should now be over a 4.0. He also has a 1300 SAT, which shows you how hard he works.

Here is what one of his coaches said about him:

“He won us key faceoffs all season, and we were able to go on runs because of that. We had some pretty good snipers, and Tommy consistently got them the ball back when they were hot, which led to a lot of wins. He is only going to get better with another year of practice and honing his skills, and that is going to get him some offers.

“He is a very good kid as well, and I know he is very intelligent. Whoever gets Tommy at the next level is going to be getting a truly valuable member of the team and community.”

To check out Morris’ film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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