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New Jersey Football Class of 2024 QB Rambler Michael Gomm Ready to Take Reigns at Carteret


June 26, 2022

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New Jersey Football Class of 2024 QB Rambler Michael Gomm Ready to Take Reigns at Carteret

Carteret, NJ: If the Carteret football team is going to post its first winning record since 2016, someone will have to step up under center and get the job done.

That someone could be rising junior Michael Gomm, who will go into the 2022 campaign off a record-setting off-season.

Gomm played for the Northeastern Showdown 7v7 champions and was named Offensive MVP for his work from the quarterback position. That is precisely what's needed to help the Ramblers over-turn a 3-8 record in the Big Central Conference last fall.

Gomm got his feet wet in the offense in 2021: now it might be time to jump into the deep end and let him take control of the game in 2022.

At just 16, he is still growing into his frame (6'0", 160 pounds), but he has put in a lot of work in the strength and conditioning program to come into 2022 in the best shape possible.

Gomm is a star in the classroom, with a 3.9 GPA before his grades settle for his sophomore year.

Here is what one scout said of his recent work:

"You saw what he can do at the Northeastern Showdown. He was the MVP and looked really good playing under center. Of course, it was 7v7, and he has to translate that to high school ball, but I think the chance is there for him to do that. This Carteret team needs a spark after so many years of struggles in that league. They lost four games last year by a touchdown or less, and a QB makes the difference. It could be interesting to see what Carteret does if Gomm is under center."

To check out Gomm's film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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