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NJ Hun Raiders OL James Muller Readies for Decisive Junior Year with Best Prep Team in Country


June 26, 2022

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NJ Hun Football Raiders OL James Muller Readies for a Decisive Junior Year with Best Prep Team in Country

Princeton, NJ: Let's get this out of the way before we go any further: if you are an offensive lineman at the Hun School, you will be playing college ball.

It might be Division 3, FCS, or, more than likely, FBS (Power 5), but you are leaving the Hun campus to play at the next level with an education in the classroom courtesy of Head Coach Todd Smith and company.

James Muller is the next in a LONG line of extremely talented linemen that have played for the Raiders since Smith took over in the middle of the last decade. The Class of 2024 offensive guard and offensive tackle is going to go into his junior campaign in the fall with a whole host of Division 1 talent around him, which has done a couple of things: a) make Muller better quickly, and b) show him how hard he has to work.

Well, maybe it is the other way around: Muller has been working his tail off in the off-season strength and conditioning program, to the point that he has been receiving rave reviews from the upperclassmen about his work ethic.

Not bad, when many of the graduating players will be going to Power 5 schools soon.

Muller is already 6'6", 285 pounds as a 16-year-old sophomore, and he will be packing on the muscle this summer before his junior year with the top prep program in the nation.

In the classroom, Muller had a 3.6 GPA after three semesters, and that number should expectantly rise when his second-semester grades settle from this academic year.

Here is what a coach said about him:

"This kid works harder than anyone I have seen. James is so talented but never rests on his laurels: he is always out there, running ladders, in the weight room, working on his speed to get a little better every single day. That mentality is so key because those little increments of improvement turn into big gains over the course of time.

"He is becoming a player that college coaches are going to be raving about when they see him this fall with Hun. There is so much talent on the field, but he will stick out on the tapes. Watch him block on the line: he is nasty out there. I think he has as big an upside as anyone in his class."

To check out Muller's film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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