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St. Peter’s Prep’s Jimenez Holding Fort at BOTH DE and LB


July 9, 2021

Recruiting Contact:

Coach Pat Marzo


St. Peter’s Prep’s Jimenez Holding Fort at BOTH DE and LB

CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY – Lucas Jimenez, Class of 2022, brings size and speed to one of the best football programs in the entire east coast.

“Jimenez is a multi-sport athlete and a versatile position player that’s got the size, speed and grades that make him a can’t miss college prospect,” said GoMVB Coach Pat Marzo.

At 250 plus pounds, Lucas demonstrates the athleticism of a true linebacker but also has the size AND strength to get the job done at defensive end as well. Lucas seems to always win the war at the LOS, consistently beating his OLineman off the ball and nose for the ball and ability to track and pursue is impressive to say the least. Jimenez already benches 275 lbs. and squats over 450 lbs.

Lucas boasts a 3.8 GPA for St Peter’s Prep and is a high honor roll student. As a multi-sport athlete, Baseball is also on his resume as well as being a state champion in Track and Field.

You can see Jimenez’s video highlights as well as his physical abilities, academics, and athletics stats at

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