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August 28, 2021

Recruiting Contact:

Coach Pat Marzo


THE HUN SCHOOL’S C/O ’22 TYLER JAMESON … PRE-SEASON COMMITMENT PERSONIFIED PRINCETON, NJ - Graduating ’22, SS/LB, Tyler Jameson came into 2021 more motivated and hungry than ever. His pre-season training has been the most intense of his HS career.

Achieving new highs in the weight room on a weekly basis at Demarco’s Training Systems, it’s not unusual to see Tyler repping 225 lbs on the bench press, 315 lbs at the squat rack, or knocking out 54” vertical box jumps. And don’t be surprised to find Jameson on the basketball court dunking the ball over and over just for fun.

That work ethic and resulting enhancement to his athletic skills has translated into big gains on the field. Jameson raised eyebrows at the Fordham, Holy Cross, Lafayette, Yale, Bryant and Villanova camps, drastically improving his stock on all respective boards. His pre-season dedication and resulting performances led to his first collegiate offer from the prestigious Colby University – no doubt the first of many to come as the rest of the NESCAC and now Patriot League, Ivy League and CAA schools have come alive with interest.

Coach Pat Marzo of GoMVB had this to say, “The beauty of Tyler’s game is his size and length. We can see him remaining at safety in the next level or possibly filling a college’s need for a physical corner in today’s game that is producing bigger and bigger wideouts. Outside linebacker also cannot be ruled out for the reasons of his physical nature and propensity to weigh 220-225 lbs. In short, this is a pure athlete that will be an asset to any coach.”

With the Hun School Raiders ranked 9th in NJ and 1st in the country of all Prep Schools by Max Preps, they’re sure to have a bullseye on their collective chests. But for Tyler Jameson, the season can’t get started sooner. “I’m just hyped the season is around the corner!” said Jameson.

You can see Tyler Jameson’s video highlights as well as his physical abilities, academics, and athletics stats at

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