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'22 LT Joe Juarez's relentless 2021 campaign has coaches all over New Jersey talking


February 20, 2022

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'22 LT Joe Juarez's relentless 2021 campaign has coaches all over New Jersey talking

Freehold, NJ: When you mention the name Joe Juarez to coaches that have faced the Freehold Township football team, one word consistently comes up from all of them … Relentless.

Juarez picked up honors as an All-Division defensive end in New Jersey’s ultra-competitive Shore Conference, and he will be on all kinds of watch lists around the Garden State before his senior season in 2022.

Juarez already has the height (6'3"), speed, and strength to become an elite defender. The off-season and summer of 2022 should see Juarez add some weight to his frame (he is 230 pounds now), which could prove to be devastating to opponents in the fall.

He helped hone his speed and quickness on the basketball court as well for Freehold Township.

Juarez has also done well in the classroom, posting a 3.2 GPA. He wants to major in Marketing in college.

Here is the scouting report on Juarez from his coaches and scouts:

“Juarez, an All-Division defensive end selection out of Freehold Township HS, is a 6’3” 225 pounder in the class of 2022. Joey has a wingspan that reaches slightly over 6’5” and a squat of close to 400 lbs. The measurable data points are there for Juarez and we anticipate a 250 lb plus 450 squat by the time he enters his first day of college ball.

“Joey sheds blockers with ease and engulfs running backs at or behind the line of scrimmage. He also applies relentless pressure on QBs and his long arms and size help him block passing lanes for opposing QBs all game long. The most impressive thing we saw on his film was his nonstop effort and the fact that he chases down runners on the opposite sides of the field. Juarez takes pursuit angles and has the catch-up speed of some of the safeties and linebackers around the league.

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