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Hun Teammates Dante Barone, Zachary Aamland, Commit to Play Big Ten Football


August 4 2022

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NJ Football Hun Teammates Dante Barone, Zachary Aamland, Commit to Play Big Ten Football

Princeton, NJ: It is going to be another big late summer/early fall on the Hun campus, for a team that went 9-0 in 2021 and was ranked as the top prep school team in the country.


Well, Todd Smith has so many Power 5 commits and future commits back in the fold in maybe the most important positions you can have on a football team: the trenches.

Yes, you need a good quarterback to be an elite team. But the NFL and NCAA are filled with quarterbacks that were elite at the high school and college level, only to struggle.

Why did they struggle?

Because the players on both the offensive and defensive lines were not at the same level.

Hun tight end/H back Dante Barone and offensive guard/tackle Zachary Aamland do not have that problem. Both Class of 2023 players will be attending Big Ten schools in a little over a year: Barone will stay in the Garden State and join the Greg Schiano revolution at Rutgers, while Aamland will head to Champaign to play for Illinois.

The duo, collectively with about 40 Division 1 Offers - were pivotal to the success of Todd Smith’s Raiders last fall, and along with a roster full of D1 talent, they’ll try to keep the Hun unbeaten run going for another season.

Here is a scouting report on Aamland:

“Zachary is such a specimen on the field: he looks like a man among boys in many games. There have been some talented players on this roster, and some highly ranked recruits, and Aamland has shined brightly even with the others on the field. He is a beast. Zach is so strong and does a good job in both the passing and running game. He is just so strong. Imagine what he is going to be like with another year in Smith’s system and another year in the weight room. He will be dominant.”

Here is the scouting report on Barone:

“There are some very good players at Hun on both sides of the ball, but Barone stands out on offense. He is a freak athlete, with a combination of size, speed, and strength that you do not often see at the high school level. He’s super intelligent as well and is able to pick up new schemes very quickly. Barone is also dominant at DE for the Raiders. He will be a two way star on a very talented team.”

“Barone is going to keep getting bigger, quicker, and stronger over the summer, he’s going to be very hard to stop in the fall.

To check out Barone’s film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

To check out Aamland’s film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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