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NJ Football Hun '23 Preston Everhart Commits to Temple After Standout Year in Ohio


August 3 2022

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Hun '23 Preston Everhart Commits to Temple After Standout Year in Ohio

Printceton, NJ: It did not take Preston Everhart, the newest Hun School WR, very long to reap the benefits of joining the best prep school program in the country.

The Class of 2023 superstar played for Dublin Jerome High School in Dublin, Ohio, last year, and decided to make the move to Princeton to play for Todd Smith’s powerhouse program.

He immediately saw a drastic increase in collegiate interest and has now committed to play at Temple University to start the 2023 season.

It is amazing what a school can do for you: Everhart already had all the individual accolades from his final season in Ohio football, so the coaches knew he is a class player. But sometimes, it just takes another coach like Smith, who has developed countless Division 1 players over the years, to recognize the talent, and what an effect it had.

Preston wowed college recruiters by the dozens at the Hun’s pre-season workouts. His speed, vertical ability, soft hands, and sheer athleticism had every coach in attendance smiling. No doubt that’s what led D1 FBS Temple to move on him quickly. And at the Hun’s most recent 7v7s, there wasn’t an opponent’s DB to be found who could cover this young man.

Here is what his coach Brett Glass said about Preston last year in this Press Pro Magazine article by Steve Blackledge detailing Dublin Jerome’s win over Liberty:

“Preston is a phenomenal athlete who can turn what appears to be nothing into a big play,” Glass said. “He has special vision and great feet. A lot of times, he’ll be stopped and bounce it outside. Sometimes, he’ll go the wrong way and drive the coaches crazy, but other times it turns into gold. When you have a kid of his ability, you trust his instincts because they’ll usually go into your favor.”

To check out Everhart’s film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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